Monday, November 14, 2011

50 thangs

before  the gerbils
crooked and they're belly-up on the surface
We weren't even supposed to
so she stuck it in her knapsack
like hell
enjoyed ambiguity
I don't mind
this Korean orphan
took it pretty hard
killed together
was knifed
They asked me,
We know you like Helen.

Monday, September 12, 2011

15 Statements(in no order)

When I think about creating jobs, I think about hiring DJ’s to remix and play the sirens for ambulances because that’s kinda the way things are going these days

     It’s a print, it isn’t perfect

Everything is one this and nothing else

•  I’d go get me Destiny’s Child and go get her pregnant and have destiny’s grandchild

I saw a shooting star Wednesday night

Right now i'm giving attention to the idea that time isn't real, its just something someone put in your house and you have been to respectful to throw it away.  It seem like a tool from your father's father's garage that was there before you were born and there for you will never fully understand exactly what it is or where its been, or how long it will be here.  I think that we only know what we are doing right now and what we want to do next. 

I think success is simply the chaos of dying at any moment and feeling fulfilled about whats done.

I think the greatest part of everything is that it is over as soon as it is over and that is all that they are.

 sometimes you just need to remind people that everything can be taken out of context.

It's possible to be a one man gang if you act like more than one person, which can totally be done if you don't let anyone know your plan.

Would you like to be in the front or the back of this cycle?

I got this idea that the center of the universe might be a lot sexier than titties. or maybe its the ambition of what it might look like that 's sexy

Shine All Day

If god created everything and designers create clothes, buildings, furniture, and art,
then i will become god. It is dangerous going to an art and design school.

Response to Nam June Paik image

Being someone that is interested in the dharma, the TV Buddha (1974) By Nam June Paik, caught my attention upon first sight.  I also have an appreciation for TV media as well as suffer a discomfort from it.  TV as media helped spread the latest news and connect people.  I cannot speak with complete confidence of what TV was like when it first came out, however by 1974 when this installation was being shown TV was not brand new.  I imagine how it shaped people perspectives on all sorts of issues, both giving hope perhaps from some influential speech, or fear from the latest on what ever war was being covered.  Moving forward to and beyond the millennium, TV has evolved into much more than just a way to inform people.  Now it provides bits of entertainment in between the chaos of advertisements that encourage you to pamper your wants before your needs.  It showcases a staged reality presenting a specific perspective as superior to other. Fuck Mtv.  There’s nothing dramatic about most the shit they have to show and it gives people that I have to deal with the idea that they can act that way because they saw it on some phony reality show.  What started out as entertainment has become a machine for setting a trend and following of negativity of things hardly relevant to everyone.  I can’t hate to hard.  There is something to be learned from everyone and everything, and television is no exception.   There is good in the TV, if not from a few shows, but what we can learn from the latent behavior of its impact on us.  When I look at the TV Buddha I see vigilance and life constantly reflecting art and vise versa.  It is linear in the sense that it has a constant calmness and awareness. I imagine if you stand around the installation correctly you can become apart of this Buddha’s television program. 

15 Pictures of things experienced